Back in the job market

Hi there

I have decided to take a short career break as the company I was working for was ‘not for me’ and I needed to make a hard decision as to whether or not the job came first, or home life and job satisfaction was paramount. I obviously decided that the later, rather than the former, was the case and I finished there last Friday.

To all my former colleagues, I wish you well with your endeavors and hope that all goes to plan for you! For me, this is now time to take a short break, re-charge my batteries and consider the options available to me – of which there are a few thankfully!

Having spent the past 12+ years working in the public transport sector, I am interested in seeing what opportunities arise for me within this field, however, I am also looking into a few possibilities which will encompass my skills, knowledge and experience from within the voluntary sector too.

However, one of the first things we will be doing is booking a holiday to Thailand for next month, so we can go and sort out some things back there, catch up with family and friends, and generally have a relaxing time too!

Will let you know how things are progressing in due course.

Chris :-)

Update part 2

As a result of the hack attack in which a number (it now turns out) of sites and associated blogs where ‘disrupted’, I have decided that instead of attempting to resurrect the dead, I will start from scratch (again) with this blog.

So what will it have ?

In no particular order or preference:

  • Lib Dem stuff – national and local
  • DELGA information and postings
  • Transport Issues (mainly London but also those national ones which impact on London too)
  • Personal postings
  • Postings relating to my activities with the British Red Cross
  • Links to our other sites
  • An expanded set of ‘content’ pages
    • About Chris and Eddie
    • Thailand
    • DELGA and the LibDems in London
  • New photos section

These are the initial thoughts I am having….