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I recently installed the Android PBC player application – 10/10! Is as stable as and slightly better than the iPhone LBC. If you have an Android phone and listen to LBC, get it and install it today!

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It was announced on the news on LBB 79.3 earlier this evening, that a review into the number of fire engines was taking place. Reported on LBC’s website

With 27 engines removed in the run-up to industrial action – Chair of the London Fire Authority Brian Coleman has questioned whether London could cope with a permanent cut to the number of appliances.

The vehicles were taken out of service for use by cover crews during the strikes.

Speaking to LBC The Fire Brigades Union claims that this proves that he has “been seeking cuts all along.

Mr Coleman has persistently denied a cuts agenda”

On several interviews on LBC, Brian Coleman denied that there would be cuts to staffing, stations or the number of appliances.

This reported questioning of whether London can survive on 27 less fire engines is tantamount to a cut, surely?

Whilst I am not keen with the idea of the LFB being out on strike, I do have sympathy with their claims and supported the call for the withdrawal of the s188 notice. The use of the s188 notice is a sign that negotiations have failed (on both sides to be honest) and is not the way to resolve the dispute.

However, having listened to Brian Coleman, I feel that he is not doing a very good job as Chair of the London Fire Authority. Personally, I feel that his antagonistic approach has done much to fuel the unrest and has done nothing towards resolving the dispute.

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04.44 thank god, we managed to keep that christian moralist tory out of the house of commons! At least the campaign run by the local LibDem party decided NOT to focus on the obvious and instead, to fight a fair and clean one, a decision which was vindicated in their retention of the seat tonight.

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04.38 What more can you say? She who was embroiled in the start of the expenses sleaze is now gone.

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Dunbartonshire East – stays LibDem, well done Jo Swinson