We are all now resigned to the fact that we are stuck with Boris now for another 4 years and it is time to go away, lick our wounds, and come out a fighting, campaigning party WITH a direction and clear policies next time around.

However, we have four years in which to hound Boris on his mandates – transport, policing, young people, environment, housing, urban regeneration…and so the list goes on. We need to combine forces with like minded political types and watch him, follow every move and where we can demonstrate he has failed or is slipping, get it in the press.

My passion is for the transport infrastructure. I cannot see how he will keep his promises/mandates on fares or investment. Thankfully we have a voice on the London Assembly who will continue to champion the one hour bus ticket and much more.

At the first sign of a slip up, we must make it known. Where the figures don’t add up, we bring it to the attention of London. And as soon as he reneges on one single mandate, we take Boris to the cleaners with it and make it clear what he and his party are really up to.

Do we really want this blonde buffoon using London as a steping stone on his way to 10 Downing Street?