A task for our new Mayor of London

Please someone, remind me, are we in the 21st century? Does a London council need to be told what a Bank Holiday is in relation to parking restrictions?

This absurd non-joined up parking system which can result in one side of a road having one set of rules and the other side, a totally conflicting and differing set, has to end.

Mr Mayor, please take hold of this and do the following:

Create a uniform set of rules across ALL London boroughs
Set an Inner and Outer London Resident Parking Permit Fee
Permit short stay in other resident zones (say an hour) if you are in possession of a current resident permit
Create a uniformity to fines
Bring parking enforcement back under the auspices of the Met Police, making use of PCSO’s and TOCU to enforce rules and regulations
Once central query/information point across all London boroughs to deal with bay restrictions/suspensions, working in conjunction with TfL Streets
A full audit of roadside restriction signs and curbside markings, so that all restrictions are clear and legal, repainting and replacing signs as and where required

This is the start… I am sure that there are many other ideas which you can all contribute which would make this a good idea!

Boris has mandates….Can he keep them?

We are all now resigned to the fact that we are stuck with Boris now for another 4 years and it is time to go away, lick our wounds, and come out a fighting, campaigning party WITH a direction and clear policies next time around.

However, we have four years in which to hound Boris on his mandates – transport, policing, young people, environment, housing, urban regeneration…and so the list goes on. We need to combine forces with like minded political types and watch him, follow every move and where we can demonstrate he has failed or is slipping, get it in the press.

My passion is for the transport infrastructure. I cannot see how he will keep his promises/mandates on fares or investment. Thankfully we have a voice on the London Assembly who will continue to champion the one hour bus ticket and much more.

At the first sign of a slip up, we must make it known. Where the figures don’t add up, we bring it to the attention of London. And as soon as he reneges on one single mandate, we take Boris to the cleaners with it and make it clear what he and his party are really up to.

Do we really want this blonde buffoon using London as a steping stone on his way to 10 Downing Street?