As part of the (unexpected) redesign of our blog, I have decided to add some new pages which are in keeping with the general theme and topic of the blog. This section will focus on issues, campaigns and discussions relating to London (aiming at City of Westminster in particular).

The first topic to be added is the contentious issue of POTHOLES. In the budget yesterday, it was announced that there would be an additional £100M available for pothole repairs. Watching BBC tonight, the Hertfordshire County Council have suggested that they alone need £100M in order to bring their roads up to standard and to fix the years of under-investment.

So, what is your council doing about potholes? Have you reported them and had no reply, do you consider that utilities companies (who are on a continual mission to dig up every road on London) should shoulder some of the cost for these repairs, have you photos of the worst potholes in your area . . . .

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Send us your photo and details of your potholes! If you are in the City of Westminster, we’d love to hear from you.