As some of you will know, I live in Church Street Ward, City of Westminster. Residents in my area have been asking the council to install street CCTV cameras to help in stopping street crime in our area, to no avail however. Recently, we have seen a massive increase in the amount of drug dealing and usage in our local area which is a blight on our area – we live in an area with families with children, who should not be exposed to this element of society.

What is amazing is this drug dealing is taking place in the shadow of Paddington Green Police Station (it is literally 100 yds away) and no one is interested in taking action – not the police or the council.

Yesterday at 03:41 my car was broken into and the window broken on one of the doors – all that the lovelies got where a pair of (cheap) sunglasses and a handsfree cable for my phone. OK, insurance covered it, but the issue is that we should not be having to live with this level of crime. My car has not been the only one broken into – every night there is a car in the area with windows smashed in and there is no interest from the council in dealing with this.

There has been representations made to the local council office who where not interested in installing CCTV. The police, when called about 8 weeks ago to an attempted break in to my car, which I witnessed, have yet to attend (even though I was told it was an immediate response).

As council tax payers and law abiding citizens, we deserve a level of service which is not forthcoming from City Hall. Instead, the City of Westminster is hell bent of mounting a campaign against motor cycle riders, against the Addison Lee cigarette bins and enforcement of unenforceable parking tickets issued where the yellow lines are not ‘legal’.

I call upon the Church Street Councillors to do something instead of sitting around appearing to be uninterested in your community.

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