Iain Dale has revealed an ‘exclusive’ on his blog tonight (although a fair few of us had wind of this a day or so ago) in that Sir Menzies Campbell is mounting a campaign to secure the position of Speaker of the House.

Ming has let it be known that he is willing to be included as a possible alternative to Bercow in an email due to be sent out to all MPs tomorrow morning by Labour MP Kate Hoey and Conservative MP Nadine Dorries.

Will he win? There is certainly a lack of support in the current Speaker, although will the House have the courage to firstly rebel against him (life for any member who does and the bid is unsuccessful would be difficult when the speaker was returned to office) and secondly, does the House want a LibDem as the Speaker?

I certainly would like to see a LibDem as the Speaker of the House, if for nothing more than to redress the balance and provide an opportunity for us to exercise some control over the day to day business of the House.

I for one will be watching the outcome with interest.

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