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and the countdown is taking place…and libdems kicked into touch

It was not a surprise that the LibDems took a beating in the local authority elections, but an indicative 4% in London mayoral race was a slight surprise.

As we all knew, it is a Ken/Boris race – again.

The LibDems ran, locally, an appalling campaign. Not a single bit of publicity arrived through our mail box. Nothing. As in the last election, they where focusing on this supposed support base in Bayswater. Wrong, wrong, wrong. There is a good support base all across City of Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea, which is being ignored.

What now? Time to really look at where we are. Lots of local campaigning to do, all across London and try to distance ourselves from the Tories.

Thames Water apologises… businesses for the water main burst on Oxford Street.

That’s not what caught my attention however. In the article in the Evening Standard, the refer to the Victorian pipe renewal plan, one we are all aware of. Years of digging up roads. Years of disruption. Years of being told we’re getting an update to our antiquated water mains.

Yipee we probably had all thought. No more leaky pipes and loss of water supply etc etc….

Guess exactly how much of this antiquated pipeline they have replaced?? 1400 miles out of 10,000. 14%. 2009 marked the year Thames Water halved its renewal plan after being refused a 17% bill increase.

We will still be here discussing this upgrade in 2020 at this rate. Rome certainly was not built in a day, but this is taking far too long.

Time for someone at Thames Water to plug these leaks quickly.

Rowley faces calls to resign

Les Rowley, Westminster’s cabinet member for parking, is facing calls to resign over his support for the ill fated ‘nightlife tax’.

Having been jeered down in one meeting, after stating that Westminster was not using parking charges to ‘…raise revenue’, he lacks any credibility with in his own Tory ranks.

Facing calls from Michel Roux Jr and Simon Thomas (Hippodrome) to stand down, his fate remains in the balance.

Boris Bore – the tunnel champion

The dust has hardly settled since Boris announced his plans to build a tunnel under the Thames and today, he is reported in the Evening Standard as telling residents of Hammersmith that it was time to maybe tunnelise the A4.

What with his suggestions on tunnels to replace Park Lane, is Boris going to leave us with a legacy of half started holes leading nowhere?

Boris appoints new deputy mayor

The Evening Standard reports that Boris has appointed an ‘alpha female’ as his new Deputy Mayor with a remit to get tough on tube modernisation.

Interestingly, Kulveer Ranger is moving to the environmental brief…is this a demotion or…?

Without doubt, users of London Underground have endured weekend closures for too long – what does this new appointee plan to do to speed up the modernisation and repair of the network?

Time will tell.