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Chris and Eddie in London - welcome to my/our view on London, politics and more. Am working on a new website at the moment which will be of interest to all London LibDem supporters - details coming soon! Also, take a moment to click on the video to the right of this text - Saving Lives, Changing Lives - this all about the British Red Cross.

LibDemVoice - here is where our bog has been featured in the Golden Dozen blogs.

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
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Complaining does work

As I have previously alluded to, we were experiencing issues with our hosting company and their support department.

I have never been one to be a shy wall flower and I made my concerns known and very shortly after sending in an email of complaint, I had one of the co-founders of the company on the phone to me, apologising for the issues that had arisen and making a very reasonable offer to make up for the time and inconvenience involved.

So, all sorted out.

The planned down time is still going to take place and this site will come back all new and sparkly, just in time for Christmas. Also coming online is londonliberal.org.uk – more details of which will follow soon.


domain hosting issues

we are experiencing issues with the restaurant site at the moment – hopefully our hosting company will figure out where they have inserted their heads and pull them out of the relevant part of their body and sort this out asap

blog off-line soon for updates and server move

Hi there

I am going to be taking this site off line soon as part of a server migration and update plan.

When relaunched, we will be back online with a brand new design, somewhat revised content focus and a new outlook.

Yes, it will still focus on LibDem issues, but there will be a spread of new areas to be covered outside of the world of politics too.

There will be a special section covering the forthcoming European Elections, and a great deal of focus on London issues – the first will be Boris and his response to the number of cyclists who have died on London roads in the past few weeks.

So, watch out for details and updates!


The Times 1963 Cookery Book

A friend of ours let me borrow this, and told me to read the recipe for Curried Chicken a as she found it somewhat amusing to say the least…

Both poppadums and chupattis are correct extras to serve with curry but avoid having them at a buffet party as they are very crumbly and likely to leave the carpet looking as though it has been out in a snowstorm

Ohh dear…. Not sure you could get away with this some 50 years on!

As for the Chicken Tikka recipe it suggests that you may have to fight an indecisive battle with your digestive juices for hours afterwards and therefore it is suggested that one treads gently with this dish!!

Interesting, but why not allow all registered voters have a say, after-all we do have a second vote and mine will most certainly be available to Labour, should they put up a decent candidate!

So what about it? Will you make the decision to allow the electorate a choice in who we are voting for?

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